Ristorante Da Luigi: My Favorite Place on Earth

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    Da Luigi, the restaurant in this photo, is not far from the Blue Grotto on Capri. If I had only one afternoon to live, I think I would like to spend it here. Drift on in to the little cove in the boat you've hired for the day, drop anchor, and await the restaurant's launch that will bring you in to the sunbathing area. This is where I like to look around to see if my future wife is in attendance. From there, a chatty Italian waiter will escort you to your table, where you are encouraged to while away the afternoon over delicious food, wine, and plates of olives, prosciutto, and parmigiano.

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Monday, February 25, 2008



hysterical! i just sent it on to UN types in Somalia, Sudan and other lovely locales----there's still lots of f-d places to save! Get the damn dog on it!

When was this published? 97?

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